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The album featured alternative cover versions from a wide variety of highly acclaimed modern artists such as Snow Patrol and Katie Melua, whilst still showing off their classical skills for rich harmony.

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The Big Short, the film adaptation of Michael Lewis' book of the same name about the causes of the financial crisis, opens in UK cinemas this weekend.

“They picked me up in a club,” she says, the laughter in her eyes and the wicked shrug of a shoulder revealing how naturally funny and seductive she is. When we started singing we performed at her 70th birthday party and sang Moon River.

Ollie Baines of the group takes over the back story. We met up again at an interview she was doing in Cardiff for her favourite charity, Noah’s Ark, to fund the first children’s hospital in Wales. I’d rather take you out to dinner.” She is similarly modest about her work. This had never happened before.”She is clearly far more satisfied with her latest experience with Blake. “When I got it, the very first one, I rang Ollie and told him immediately that it was great.”“It’s not just power, but rhythm,” adds Ollie’s team-mate in Blake, Stephen Bowman, as he analyses the Bassey voice. Her own rhythm often goes against the natural rhythm of the track.

One lucky school choir will be selected by Blake to perform with the all-male group during its nationwide tour from August.

Crossover group Blake invited school choirs to submit You Tube videos of their performances following a tour of schools across the country, during which they gave performances and talks about the music industry.


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