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There are online dating platforms, there are dating TV shows — modern romance is a pretty weird minefield of dos, don’ts and buzzwords. As contestants on the fabulous Date or Die, a dating game reality TV show, they must survive the increasingly deadly challenges and stay one step ahead of their captor, either allying together or fighting against one another.

How far would you go for the ultimate prize of true love?

There’s Six, a nonbinary kindhearted spirit medium; Orlok, a reserved amputee wildlife biologist; Hat Trick, a cheery neuroatypical baker; and Mesmer, a celebrity mentalist who is a trans man.

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NOBY is a dating sim that revolves around high school student, Hideaki who returns to his hometown. As the game progresses, ghosts of his past come to his present interfering with his happy life.

The act of dating has always been a challenge of navigating choices, like choosing a restaurant to eat at, or a movie to go see, or a person that piques your interest enough to pursue romantically.

Dating has been lightly gamified since the dawn of courting.

There are tons of articles floating around the wonderful web about what gifts to give for V-Day, what romantic things to do for V-Day and what are the hottest romance films to watch this Valentine’s season. For those that are sitting at home this Hallmark holiday season, get ready to have a great night doing what we do best – playing video games.

What about the people who don’t have someone to celebrate Valentine’s Day with? However, not just video game, simulation dating games (also known as sim dating games.) If you can’t go out with a special someone, why not have your own special waifu come to you virtually?


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