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(2011) recently outlined the magnitude of the public health burden represented by mental health problems of all sorts.

Mental health diseases are part of a more ‘silent burden of impaired health’ which according to World Health Organization (WHO) figures, accounts for one-third of the world's disability due to ill health among adults ( WHO, 2008a ; Anderson , 2011 ).

I’ve written about games and stories and the connection between game studies and literary studies in the past, but after continuing to watch Westworld, I find myself coming back to this network of relationships, this interplay between game and story....

When I was little, I wanted to be a cowboy when I grew up.

Through narrowcastings (group film viewings), participant observation and interviews we mapped the ways in which the media project effected and facilitated the collective sense-making process of the audience with regard to sources of stress impacting mental health and opportunities for action.

These determinants of mental health are shaped by cultural dimensions, since the cultural context shapes everyday experiences of stress as well as the resources and skills to manage them.

Therefore, during the annihilation of her village by the Scoia'tael, she was spared and abducted by the commando's leader, as he had taken a shine to her.

For several years, she was held prisoner by the commando.

At 16 years of age, Ves was a beautiful young girl.I’ve been reading Patricia Melzer’s Alien Constructions: Science Fiction and Feminist Thought, and as a result I’ve been revisiting the ways feminist science fiction and video games converse and intersect.In the past, I’ve interrogated this conversation by specifically examining...Yes, yes, you might follow your favourite celebs on Twitter and "like" their official Facebook page, but that's all old hat now.Get with the times, people – as Kim K proved, the place to get the best insight into the lives of those you admire and idolise is Snapchat.Related: How to improve your Snapchat score Don't worry though, Digital Spy is here to help with your ultimate celebrity Snapchat starter pack...


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