Eurocontrol route validating

The selected route is transferred to the flight plan by one click.

Before the flight plan is transferred to the Aeronautical Information Service Centre (AIS-C) of DFS, the plan can be validated with the IFPS test system.

As part of the EU's Single European Sky legislation, the EC is working on the implementation of a performance scheme which would set legally binding targets for air traffic management.

Initially these targets are expected to address cost effectiveness, capacity and safety.

The Forecast has been prepared as part of the revised, more-inclusive forecast process as started by Eurocontrol in 2013.

The equivalent charge per passenger, already considerably greater for smaller aircraft, would increase if the aircraft weight element were to be removed or adjusted to take less account of aircraft weight.

All above services allow flight plans to be filed for flights from anywhere to anywhere, with no geographical limitations.

As with Telex, almost everything is in uppercase...If there are one or more error messages, the pilot can change the flight plan himself on the basis of the error message or he can send it to the AIS-C to be corrected.Albert Wegert, Head of AIS-C, explains that, "the new functions at the AIS portal make planning for the pilot and AIS officers more reliable.Eurocontrol is the body responsible for the collection of en route navigation charges on behalf of the states which participate in the route charges system, through its CRCO (Central Route Charges Office).En route charges represent approximately 7% of an airline member's costs on average. This is an example route EGNX to EBCI departing on 14th March.


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