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In later traditions, the Giants were often confused with other opponents of the Olympians, particularly the Titans, an earlier generation of large and powerful children of Gaia and Uranus.

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Despite considerable evidence linking various militant white supremacists to the tragedy in Oklahoma City, no other persons faced prosecution for what was--until September 11, 2001--the worst act of terrorism ever on American soil.

Elected into Fellowships under Title A from 1 October 2015: Christine van Ruymbeke (College Praelector) Ines Barroso, Ph. D., Charles and Katharine Darwin Research Fellow K. D., Non-stipendiary Research Fellow James Poskett, Ph. D., Moses and Mary Finley Research Fellow Tanya Hutter, Ph. The following elections have been made with effect from 1 September 2015: Official Fellow: Dr Michael Aaron Amior, M.

D., Schlumberger Research Fellow Johannes Knolle, Ph. D., Non-stipendiary Research Fellow Tom Maguire, Ph.

If there had been no Waco, would there have been no Oklahoma City? Why did the government only bring charges against three men in connection with the bombing, when compelling evidence suggests that others played significant roles in the crime?

We do not have clear answers to any of these questions--but some possible answers to these and other intriguing questions have come into better focus in the years since the Mc Veigh and Nichols trials.


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