Morgan man is dating his step granddaughter

But in 2009, there were added rumors in the media regarding Morgan’s almost ten year old relationship with his step-granddaughter, E’Dina Hines since she was a teen.But things turned shocking for the public when a popular tabloid came out with the news that the two were headed for the altar and it further implied that his marriage to Myrna probably floundered because of that.A young Morgan Freeman was already once divorced from Jeanette Adair Bradshaw with whom he has sons, Saifoulaye and Alfonso.After being married for almost twelve years, the two divorced each other for reasons unknown in 1979.According to Myrna, while she and Morgan had an open marriage and were free to have other sexual partners, the two had not been intimate since 2001 and had separated in 2006.There were rumors already out in the media regarding the existence of Morgan’s long-time mistress, a teacher.Morgan Freeman and his step-granddaughter E'Dena Hines spoke up today in response to reports that they're engaged to be married. the 74-year-old Oscar winner and the 29-year-old granddaughter of Freeman's first wife, Jeanette Adair Bradshaw, have to say?

What is even more alarming is that these fabrications are now being picked up by the legitimate press as well,” Freeman said.

What makes the recent statements made my Freeman and Hines so puzzling, is that it took so long for them to address the shocking allegations.

The rumor of the Freeman-Hines love affair began in 2008, when the actor’s marriage to costume designer Myrna Colley-Lee crumbled.

Hines also released a statement in an attempt to set the record straight.

“These stories about me and my grandfather are not only untrue, they are also hurtful to me and my family,” she said.


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