Aislinn paul and sam earle dating

It also has a very teenage morality — meaning that a Family-Unfriendly Aesop is as common as a straight one.

Gotta love how Stephen and Stefan are keeping us updated about what’s happening on set via Twitter.

I do not know and have never met any of the actors.

Everything in this story about their personalities, families and personal lives is from what I've been able to gather online through interviews and videos.

Legal: I am not in any way affiliated with De Grassi or Epitome.

Sure, they’re two really different people and sometimes it causes problems in their relationship, but they always fight to make it work and in the end it does.

Because it all started with a broken pair of glasses. Because the whole fandom will relapse if, god forbid, Eclare should ever come to an end! Because Stefan said directing Munro and Aislinn is easy. There’s no doubt in my mind that what those two share is both strong and genuine.

However, on the plus side, the Soap Opera format lets it go much deeper and more long-term than the average show about teens (no solving problems in twenty minutes, and most of the kids have gone through real Character Development). The show is one of the few exceptions to Dawson Casting; the teenage characters are almost all played by actual teenagers, and they're very good actors, lately coming to the series with years of experience in other TV productions, often alongside each other.

And despite the famed Anvilicious-ness of the show, some of the lessons taught by the show are important for the teenage audience.


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