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Valve Software was at the time fighting a hard battle against cheating, which had been going on since the release of the game.

The first game in which Punk Buster was integrated was id Software's Return to Castle Wolfenstein.

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when I go on to multiplayer I can load in fine but when I go to join a server and click refrsh nothing happens it just says finding master server.

Punk Buster is developed and published by Even Balance, Inc.

The first beta of Punk Buster was announced on September 21, 2000 for Half-Life.

Some games (like Crysis or Bio Shock 2) do not have a 64-bit version of Punk Buster.

For this reason, 64 bit clients will not be able to play in Punk Buster enabled servers unless they run the 32-bit client of the game.


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