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Dort gab es noch bis vor einer Woche eher langweilige Bilder.

Ein Storch hütete allein den Horst und verschwand täglich nur für ein paar Stunden zur Futtersuche.

Der Auftakt der diesjährigen Storchen-Saison beurteilen Naturschützer als viel versprechend.

Dank bester Wetter- und Flugbedingungen sind bislang außergewöhnlich viele Vögel aus ihren Überwinterungsgebieten zurückgekehrt.

Check that it displays your image and updates it correctly. For me, Windows has a problem with how the Perl installer changes the Path environment variable.

You can change the refresh rate in the "set Timeout" function as indicated by the comment in the source code. Step 6: Does your webcam server not have a static IP? You can auto-update the ip every time your computer starts with some simple scripts. To fix the problem, I just had to move the changes that the installer makes to the end of the Path instead of at the beginning.

She doesn't notice him walk past her room, but the sight of her putting on lingerie stops him in his tracks. When the teacher leaves the class, the hot babe, Tiffany Tatum, goes wild and wants cock.

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As we met her, she was waiting for a late estate agent: "I'm sat here thinking, 'Can I get naked or not?

It means "not safe for work" and indicates that a link might get you in trouble at work should your boss glance upon your monitor.

As chance would have it, the baleful shadow of the Independent's managing editor appeared on my screen just as I watched the first few, lingerie-heavy, minutes of The Truth About Webcam Girls (BBC3).

Replace the first two instances of my webcam server ip with your own.

Save this to your machine and open the file in a web browser.


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