Matchmaking dating for virgins

What’s the most effective way to go about communicating this dealbreaker?Campbell Soup is playing Cupid in its latest effort to woo Millennials.

So far, so normal for a dating event – except this is no conventional gathering.The brand has partnered with Now This News to create a soup-driven dating show, document the results in a four-episode video series, and distribute it through mobile and social media channels.The campaign is currently live on Now This’s Facebook and You Tube channels, and will also run on Snapchat and Instagram.Matchmaking services can charge up to £15,000 to introduce single customers to potential love interests and, as internet dating removes the stigma from actively searching for love, the companies are inundated with requests to help form long-term relationships.Caroline Brealey, who founded the service, says that recruiting a matchmaker is much like finding a love interest.Singles were asked: “If you were a soup or a sandwich, what kind would you be, and why?


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