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Sarah Jane Hyland SJ, Kitty, Raindrop Sagittarius Manhattan, New York, U. Hyland attended Professional Performing Arts School in Manhattan, USA next to many actors like Andrea Bowen, Gregory Malek-Jones, Paul Iacono, and Taylor Momsen.

And we’ve all been on those absolute horror show dates; ones where we can’t wait to get home, bolt the door shut, and change our phone numbers. The ones that tread the […]Let’s just cut to the chase – Valentine’s Day can be a bit rubbish. If you’ve been anywhere near a supermarket since just after Christmas, you’ll have seen your fair share of heart-shaped balloons, heart-shaped chocolates, and saccharine, cheesy, lovey-dovey greetings cards.

She is also highly admired and appreciated for her performance in the NBC comedy-spy series Chuck as Ellie Bartowski, in ABC's TV series What About Brian as Marjorie and in The WB's Everwood as Madison Kellner.

Similarly she has appeared in Dawson's Creek, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, Sabrina, the Teenage Witch, Scrubs and That '70s Show. Kelley's FOX series, Boston Public and on The WB series, Everwood where she portrayed the character of Ephram's love interest Madison Kellner.

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