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You'll find a text file inside containing a list of basically EVERY SOUND IN THE GAME.

As mentioned beforehand this addon is only as good as the player who uses/configures it.

Other yidams may require vows/commitments to take that can be difficult to uphold by a lay person who needs to support his/her family and themselves whilst pursuing spirituality.

Lama Tsongkghapa is a practice, a meditation that is simple, that is short, yet extremely effective.

The charge was “aggravated sexual assault,” because any sex offense against a person under age 14 is automatically “aggravated.” He got out at age 16 and was put on the sex offender registry, which, in Dallas, requires him to report in person to the authorities once a year, as well as anytime anything in his life changes. We met up, had a jolly breakfast (except for the fact he said he felt too pudgy to start a speaking tour), and then we went off to the registry, because his family had just moved to a new house and he had to let the state know no more than seven days after the move.

Just as the detective in the nondescript office finished typing this information into the system and Josh and I were about to go to lunch, a man with a beard and a badge strode up and said, “Joshua Gravens?

He was also on the public sex offender list until recently and still has restrictions on his movement.* He invited me to come with him to the police department to give notice he had moved. The counsellor said Josh's mother was required to report his crime to the authorities and the next day, he was arrested.

A lot of the things that monks/nuns do every single day would not suit many people of this generation and the upcoming generation.

The “Tashi” or Panchen Lama had temporal power over three small districts, though not over the town of Shigatse itself, which was administered by a dzongpön (prefect) appointed from Lhasa.

Located on a hill in the center of the city, the full name in Tibetan of the monastery means: “all fortune and happiness gathered here” or “heap of glory”.

Now you know which page is relevant for the aura you have in mind (if you don't get one quick cause we're swinging straight on to creating one!

Many people don't know you can use Wo W's own sounds as audible cues to your aura and that is what I'm going to show you how to do.


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