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This volume marks a step in the direction of rethinking such questions in the Indian context.1: Introduction (Gurpreet Mahajan) 2: Preserving by Reforming: Diversity at Work in Civilizational Adaptation (Peter Emberley) 3: Cultural Skepticism and 'Group Representation' (Anne Phillips) 4: Heterogeneities and Homogeneities: On Similarities and Differences (Anil Bhatti) 5: Multiculturalism and Diversity: Values to be Promoted or Problems to be Managed?The courts are continuously called upon to determine legal disputes which may include the interpretation of legislation and testing compliance with constitutional principles.Although individual rights are guaranteed in the Constitution, they are not unlimited.Diversity as a concept encompasses more than race, gender, religion and culture: however these are the aspects that have received the most attention and are possibly the most controversial.These issues are far from settled and the workplace continues to evolve.

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Sri Ranjani) 7: Linguistic Diversity in a Federal Polity: An Indian experience (Asha Sarangi) 8: Politics of Recognition: Rethinking Existing Institutional Measures in India (Bijen Meetei) 9: Accommodating Diversity: Political Outsourcing as a Coalition Strategy in Kerala (K. Kailash) 10: Group Rights, Diversity and Social Justice (Rohit Wanchoo) 11: Political Institutions for Caste and Sex-Based Hierarchies: A View from Colonial India (Rinku Lamba) 12: Prudence and Statesmanship in Managing Diversity (Vasanthi Srinivasan) 13: A Bloated Hinduism: North American Hindus and the Imagination of a Vanguard (Vinay Lal) 14: Representing Diversity: The Malaysian Experience (Vidhu Verma) 15: When Citizens are a Minority: Managing Cultural Diversities in the Arabian Gulf (Shefali Jha) Notes on Contributors.Given the need for efficient and quality services, the question is however to what extent the (religious / cultural) beliefs and practices of employees have to be accommodated.The Courts have stated that it must be left to employers and their employees to develop systems in their workplaces when confronted with these challenges. Introduction In terms of the Constitution, parliament has the power and obligation to draft enabling legislation to support and give effect to constitutional imperatives.The issues being examined include the Uniform Civil Code, the State's patronage of languages, affirmative action in educational institutions, and minority participation in electoral politics.So far, the notion of multiculturalism has been addressed by theories that have emerged from Western societies.Accommodating workforce diversity means resolving challenges associated with workforce diversity to improve the workplace and its employees.


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