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As of February 24, 2017, the number of shares of the registrant's Class A common stock outstanding was 208,288,497, and the number of shares of the registrant's Class B common stock outstanding was 158,902,579.

Based upon closing price of .15 on February 24, there were 423,003,083 fully diluted shares outstanding.

You can also see the complete payment history for a specific card.

To get started, you’ll need the last 4 digits of the card number.

You can sign up for Square Payroll even if you do not have an existing Square account.

We distinguish between an unconstrained setting and the case where the temporal precedence constraint (i.e., an ancestral node must be older that its daughter nodes) is accounted for.

It also includes payment metrics like total collected (revenue by tender type) and fees.

Shows details for all items sold including gross sales, net sales, SKUs, discounts, and total sold.

However, current sophisticated probabilistic approaches struggle to handle data sets of this size.

Here, we present very fast dating algorithms, based on a Gaussian model closely related to the Langley–Fitch molecular-clock model.


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