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Early and forced marriage in Burkina Faso is robbing thousands of girls as young as 13 of their childhood, while the cost of contraception and other barriers prevent them from choosing if and when to have children, Amnesty International said in a report published today.

On 8 March Amnesty International is launching a photo exhibition telling the stories of women and girls in Burkina Faso who have shown courage and determination in their battle to triumph over violence, abuse and violations of their rights.

The largest of these groups are the Bisa and Gurunsi in the south, the Lobi and Dagara in the southwest, the Bobo in the west, and the Bwaba and Samo in the northwest. The country covers 105,869 square miles (274,200 square kilometers) in the center of West Africa, north of Ghana and Ivory Coast.

It is a landlocked, flat country with an average altitude between 650 and 1,300 feet (200 and 400 meters) above sea level.

Burkina Faso is thus identified as the "country of the free men." Its inhabitants are called Burkinabè; the "bè" is a suffix from another language of the country, Fulfulde.

Burkina Faso is a multiethnic nation with about sixty ethnic and linguistic groups.

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The less educated a girl is, the more at risk of child marriage she is.i am black skined single man seeking for real and sincere relationship that could lead to marriage. I like to watch football match and like to watch film. i am 175cm I am a 24 years old beautiful girl loving kindness an easy going from Ghana.I am gentle, humble, trustful, highly loving and caring.Burkina Faso has a child marriage prevalence rate of 52%.On average, almost one out of two girls in Burkina will be married before the age of 18.In March 2015, the African Union Campaign to End Child Marriage was launched in Dori, the capital of the Sahel region where child marriage rates are the highest.


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