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A few people have contacted me directly asking if they could make a small contribution for saving all their holiday photos or saving them hours on the phone to Apple Care.You may have noticed some adverts scattered around my site, I put these on to try and make enough money to cover the hosting cost for my blog but very few people ever click on them, I could probably get a better click rate if I smothered my site in annoying pop-up ads but I’ll never do that, however, if you have found this post helpful and would like to make a small donation every pound/dollar/euro/cent/pence would be greatly appreciated.Please pass this information on to everyone you know so that no-one else loses their photos.Apple's Discussion Forums are full of other people experiencing the same issue.You will be brought to a somewhat overwhelming dialogue box that presents a series of options.

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I would be sick (and furious) except that I backed up my library twice before attempting the upgrade.It might take a bit of time depending on the number of images you have, but it will often yield the best results.Click the Rebuild button and i Photo will do its thing with no need for involvement on your part.This isn’t ideal though and if you want to keep the images to hand on the phone you’ll need to create a new photos folder and resync the photos to the i Phone for future viewing.UPDATE November 2011 – Having looked at my site analytics it seems this page is being read a lot , especially since the launch of i OS5 which seems to have broken camera roll thumbnails all over the place.I wrote an entire book on i Photo book themes and can't wait to see what's new. Upon upgrading to i Photo 11, I got the revolving gray wheel for a very long time, and the Finder said that i Photo had "stopped responding" so I force quit and started again.


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