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My dating coaching client, Kendra, met Mike through an online dating site. Kendra found Mike attractive, a good conversationalist, and friendly. Her instincts told her not to go because its too soon for an intimate dinner. When I was on my dating journey to find love, it happened to me twice!She felt comfortable with him and thought Mike had serious potential. That might be date 6 or 8 depending on who you are. I responded to Kendra that I didn’t think she should go. The first time, I was out of practice dating and truly had no idea what his agenda was. The second time with a different man, I thought, this can’t happen twice? I could tell what was coming, so I tried a lot of distraction tactics. If you have wondered whether it’s possible to find love online and how you go about it you're in good company. This site is for people - men and women - who want to have meaningful relationships. In those days it was way uncool to admit you were looking for partners on the internet. Friends freely exchange their internet dating stories and tips. In an ideal world you’d simply bump into dating prospects in your every day life. I can increase your chances of finding someone you get on really well with. Any adult can safely take the plunge into the online dating jungle. This is part of the fun and the merry-go-round of love online.

Public places offer the best opportunity for safety and avoiding early intimacy. Whether you met him online or a blind date, my online dating advice is to get to know him first and observe his interest in you to see if he is relationship material.Now, if you don’t mind casual sex, then its no big deal. But a man who just wants you in bed will likely never be heard from again.But if you are a bit more conservative and looking for a long-term relationship, my advice is to wait. But others want a relationship and still try to sleep with you asap. Since you can’t know which kind of guy your dinner invitation is coming from, its best to move the date outside the house where sex is not as tempting. Back in the late 1990s I was well on my way to having a busy career. Most of the interesting people I was meeting were a result of me some how stepping out of my own life. This is why I know your chances of finding love using internet dating are high: it enables you to find people you’d never other wise encounter. You need to be open minded, have a sense of adventure and be prepared to treat finding love using online dating like any other project. If that’s not what you're looking for there are plenty of places that will cater for your needs. But often this doesn’t happen for one reason or another. I started online dating when I had one of those ‘light bulb’ moments. Many people have online dating success stories to share. Just because you have interests in common does not mean you’ll have that zing together. We all know about OKCupid’s ridiculous and irrelevant questions that you answer in order to get your friend/enemy match score when women look at your profile.


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