Updating hardware information database not responding

The requirements apply to both primary server computers and worker computers.

For details on minimum hardware requirements, see Minimum Hardware Requirements and Recommendations for Tableau Server.

If you have machines already listed in your "All Devices" section, but you feel that they are not updated, please check The Last Updated by Inventory Server.

This date indicates the device sent a scan to the core.

The data is stored on a secure database within the Dell KACE K1000 appliance on university premises and only authorized personnel will be able access the asset database.

The KBOX client is NOT licensed for use on personally-owned computers.

KACE provides numerous benefits such as an automated and expedited process of software updates, license management, software management/distribution, inventory management, remote support, better enforced security.

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A message displays: "Unable to determine if all components of the service started properly." If you see this message after starting, verify that Tableau Server is running as expected by using a command from a command prompt.For more information about how to upgrade an instance, see Upgrade to Helsinki.For more information about the release cycle, see the Service Now Release Cycle.Service Now engineers have identified a defect that affects customers upgrading from earlier family releases to a Geneva release.The defect will cause data loss on certain CMDB tables and is considered a severe impact problem.This will shut down any processes that are running, and restart Tableau Server.


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