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For example, a person with BPD may view one family member as always good and another as always bad.Because of splitting, it is difficult for individuals with BPD to recognize that good people sometimes do things imperfectly or make mistakes.It’s hard to imagine that in the same place where a factory was built almost 100 years ago today stands Dalmatia’s most exciting and fashionable boutique hotel.Within steps of the ancient city of Split you can now enjoy old world charm and state of the art luxury.Embark on a coastal journey with Le Méridien Lav, Split, a perfect starting point to unlock the Dalmatian coast.

After a busy day, you can relax in our lovely and cosy wellness area.Split can be defined as a function that can split a text string into an array, by making use of a delimiter character.It returns a zero-based, one-dimensional array holding the parts of the original text string.Our tours are something new on the Split tour map; why take the boring and dull history tours when you can take the "Dark Split tour" where you will learn the basic history facts behind Split's history and hear all about the macabre underbelly of Split.Dark tourism is a relatively new form of tourism and Different Split is the only provider of such exploration in Dalmatia.Beheaded emperors, burned witches, slave markets, stoning of the archbishops, bombarment of the city, vile murders and trust me that's just the tip of the iceberg contained in the infamous dark tours :) We'll just mention a few so you'll get an insight into how many great sportspeople were born in Split: Goran Ivanišević, Toni Kukoč, Blanka Vlašić, Branko Cikatić, Ivano Balić, Dino Rađa, Mario Ančić, Tomislav Ivić... We are the Different Split collective and we want to take you on a little adventure.


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