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Queen Latifah is famous American rapper and actress with plus size body measurements. Latifah wears 40DD bra size (since breast reduction in 2003) and weighs around 200 pounds.She made it clear on multiple occasions that she’s feeling comfortable with her body and has no plans to starve herself just to become slimmer.“Thank you to all my favorite peep guests who came out to support me.

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Latifah and Nichols were together for more than a year on the heels of Latifah’s 8-year-relationship with previous girlfriend, fitness instructor Jeannette Jenkins. Though Monifah once dated ex-lover Queen Latifah for many years, she still can’t bring herself to admit she’s out of the closet.“I hate the term,” she says, “because I’ve never been anything but who I am, and I’ve lived my authentic life.” Monifah, 41, is one of 5 R&B singers featured in a new reality TV series titled “R&B Divas,” premiering Aug. The series also stars Faith Evans, Nicci Gilbert, Kiki Wyatt, and Sylena Johnson.The series centers around the women’s lives as they work together on a R&B compilation album.In the trailer for the show, we see Monifah kissing her butch lover.I’m sorry it has to be this way but this is complete bull!


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