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Some relationship professionals, like my character of Dr.Mariah Bates in this series, sincerely want to help people find their perfect love match. NOTE ABOUT THE HEAT LEVEL: Not being a fan of the word “clean” when applied to romance, I will instead say the heat level in this new series is in the 1-2 range, rather than 3-4 like some of my others. Best of all I loved that it has older woman and men in it.

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Working with Dara on so many covers was a pure joy.Her work is beautiful, eye catching, professional looking and most of all, customized perfectly to my needs.She’s a dream to work with, a real book cover whiz! ” “Everyone stops to look at the cover for Dating A Cougar.So grab your ereader or reading device and let’s get downloading! 18 free romance kindle books" alt="Save a Tree, read an ebook this Earth Day.18 free romance kindle books" src=" ATree Ebooks-795x1024.jpg" width="550" height="708" srcset=" ATree Ebooks-795x1024795w, ATree Ebooks-233x300233w, ATree 1254w" sizes="(max-width: 550px) 100vw, 550px" / Callie Taylor’s life is turned upside down when she learns the truth about her birth following the death of her mother.Throw in another cop who makes her believe in love at first sight—or at least lust—and life is a mess. Especially since another cop is the last thing she needs. ***** About THE PERFECT DATE Series The essence of all romantic comedy is that falling in love and navigating an unexpected romance is never easy or simple.


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