Dating phrases in norwegian

The close relationship between society and language - especially the influence of French words in English history - is also fascinating, and this connection features in many words and expressions origins.

The lingua franca entry also helps explain this, and the organic nature of language change and development.

Most of the sentences below are used for everyday life conversations, so they might come handy if you memorize them.

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A commonly ignored reference source for many words and expressions origins - especially for common cliches that are not listed in slang and expressions dictionaries - is simply to use an ordinary decent English dictionary (Oxford English Dictionary or Websters, etc), which will provide origins for most words and many related phrases (see the 'strong relief' example below).

I hope the content of this page was useful to you, and that you learned some Dutch phrases, expressions and words.

Make sure to memorize them to be able to use them in your daily conversation.

Greetings - Mubarak ho Happy New Year - Nav varsh ki shubh kamanayein (more new year greetings) Good morning - Shubh prabhat, Su prabhat Good evening - Shubh sandhya Good night - Shubh ratri Meet again, see you again - Fir miltein hain Let us meet again - Fir milenge Take care - Apna khayal rakhna I miss you / I remember you a lot - Mujhe tum bahut yaad aate ho Next Week - Agle hafte God is one - Ishwar eik hai With Compliments of - Sabhivadan Happy anniversary - Varshgaanth ki shubh kamanayein Happy New Year - Nav Varsh ki shubh kamanayein Happy Holidays - Chuttiyo Ki Shubh kaamnayein Happy birthday - Janmdin ki shubh kamanayein, Janmdin Mubarak Very Happy Birthday - Janam Din Bahut Mubarak Ho Very Very Happy Birthday - Janam Din Bahut Bahut Mubarak Ho My name is hai What is your name? Hello - Namaskar, Namaste Hi - suno, suniye Bye - Alvida Hello - Jii, Maaf kijiye Thank you - Dhanyavaad, Dhanya-waad Yours faithfully - Bhavdeev Yours sincerly - Aapka Yours truely - Bhavdeev, Aapka My friend - Mera dost My life partner - Mere humsafar Mr. - Shrimati Miss - kumaari Master - kumaar Go Away - Chale Jao Come here - Idhar aao Shut up - Chup Raho I like playing football.

- Mujhe thunde aur geele hawaa ke beech khada rahena pasand nahi hai.


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