Is chad rogers still dating victoria

Similarly, to further clarify about the break up a million buck star answers question laid by his fan about his post-breakup on 7th September 2012. I'm here with my girlfriend." He broke up and is still with is girlfriend; what does this mean? Looking for the answer to this question we peeked into his Instagram and twitter account looking back into the timeline and found our assumption to be true.

Yes, he definitely is with someone and as stated by him in his Instagram post, her name is Carly.

To sellers, he said, particularly in this market, they “really need to get a preapproval letter early in the process.” “Million Dollar Listing” follows the lives of three young Los Angeles real estate brokers, Rogers, Josh Flagg and Madison Hildebrand, as they fight for million-dollar deals.

When asked if he really is not friends with his co-stars, as depicted on the show, he said: “N-O spells no.” The relationship between Rogers and girlfriend, Victoria, has been showcased on the program, but he told The Real Deal they recently broke up.

Numerous agents were featured during the season (including Madison Hildebrand, who appeared in later seasons).What a relief it was as he finally confirmed his relationship with the lady via his tweets while answering to a fan.However, the name Cary has been another mystery laid out by the star.In , the star confirmed the news of his break up with his girlfriend Victoria Salisbury, the senior designer of Chan Luu.The news of his dating the women along with break up came into limelight in the show of The Real Deal.Considering how many times we'd marveled at his hair, it was necessary to inspect it in person. Later, we watched as one of the fire chiefs went over and mistook Rogers for a famous musician.


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