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Australian authorities notified US law enforcement, including the Department of Homeland Security, and they were tracked to his mother’s home in Jamaica.Cops went there Thursday but his mom allegedly told them her son and the girl were not at home.Five more teenagers – some of whom were not students – were sent intimate photos and videos by Mc Laren, who worked as a French teacher a school in Tweed, eastern Ontario, Canada.

Now, the need to clean up its platform has become a huge business imperative: 96% of the company’s revenue in 2016 came from advertising, according to its recent public filing.

Anyone aged 13 or above can create an account, and users skew young, with the platform particularly popular among 18-25 year olds.

The app’s unique selling point was originally that images sent disappeared in a few seconds, and the freedom of sending ephemeral content meant it quickly became associated with “sexting.” As the app developed video features and the ability to stitch clips together into longer Stories which could be watched more than once, a more organised business of pornographic performance began to establish itself.

Commander Chris Sheehan from the Australian Federal Police said families needed to be vigilant about how their kids used social media."[Be] aware of what your kids are doing online," he said."Being aware and talking to them about who they're talking to online and being a participant in that part of their life is the best way to protect them from this type of offending.

The investigation involved NSW Police, the AFP, Interpol, and Homeland Security and the New York Police Department in America.


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