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When I first moved America to attend college, I was nervous about starting a life in a new country because I wasn’t sure how quickly I would be able to adapt to the new culture.

Even though it had been my dream to live in America, I was very excited but nervous at the same time.

Japanese tend to stick to one another and so do the Chinese. Currently, I'm seeing a Japanese guy and we have a pretty good relationship.

I don't know what the attraction is, since he's Japanese and I'm Vietnamese/Chinese. Sometimes he'll tell me that in Japan women are expected to serve their man and that some members of his family still believe in that.

Mostly because I had no idea how the American dating culture worked.Here is a list of the 10 best Chinese dating websites for foreigners.Check the following Chinese dating site reviews and find a dating site that suits you best.Perhaps it was the result of a different type of education, more open minded parents or just the fact that they've ventured out of their home country.The Western male, Chinese female relationship is quite common in major cities, and you'll also find that the couples aren't just young twenty-somethings.They have two levels of membership, Free and paid memberships.


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