Bo bruce and danny o39donoghue dating

Fellow judge on , Sir Tom Jones, has been turning on the charm for contestants according to Danny.

"Tom switches it on and all the girls are looking over to him," he said, adding that it is Sir Tom who gets all the female attention when they are together.

She has an older brother, Thomas Brudenell-Bruce, Viscount Savernake.

Her family's seat is Tottenham House, set on a 4,500 acre estate in Wiltshire near Savernake Forest, and she and her brother grew up at Savernake Lodge on the estate.

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While working closely with Leah Mc Fall from this year’s series and has whisked her to LA to work on her debut album, Danny reportedly distanced himself from Bo very early on and refused to help her publicise her new music during the most recent series of The Voice, when he was carrying out countless interviews for the show.Bo is not the only singer Danny has collaborated with through the show.This year's series features a round of 'steals' where coaches can 'steal' each other's losing artists and take them on for their own team, instead of sending them home.Danny O’Donoghue has poured scorn on rumours he enjoyed a relationship with The Voice protégée Bo Bruce, while admitting he had a crush on 2013 contestant Alice Barlow.The Script frontman mentored Bo during last year’s series, with their steamy duet during the grand final prompting suggestions the pair’s relationship was more than just professional. There was so much rumour and pressure on us, it was mad.’ But Danny has now said the rumours were ‘false’ – and also dismissed other rumours their relationship had inspired her new album.Danny and Bo surprised viewers during last weekend's final with their duet Read All About It, as the Irish singer rested his hand on his protégé’s hip, and at one point it looked as if they were going to kiss.


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