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The online dating industry has met with some of the most notable data breaches over the past few years.

The high-profile hacking of cheating site Ashley Madison in 2015, saw attackers taking off with over 25 gigabytes of company data and user information.

The court ruled that Successful Match, a Californian firm, had broken local consumer laws and sentenced the firm to pay .5 million (about £10,338,151) in compensatory and punitive damages.

Beyond running a number of niche dating sites, Successful Match also manages an affiliate scheme for those wishing to set up sites of their own.

This is all thanks to the sharing of databases containing users’ profile information between the niche dating sites.

It’s actually outlined in Positive’s terms of service, mind you.

The leaked data includes usernames, email addresses, plain-text passwords, gender, dates of birth, profile photos, and country of origin.

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Someone you’re sure heartache of feeling betrayed by someone you love is accused of million online dating.Ladies, do you have a guy friend you want to help find love?Now there’s a dating site where you can sing his praises to potential partners.Despite the scandal, it seems that the publicity afforded the online infidelity market a considerable boost.Earlier this year, ‘elite’ dating platform Beautiful also fell foul of a data breach which leaked profile details of over 1.1 million users, including sexual preference, relationship status and income.not black, gay, Christian or HIV positive and was unaware that defendant was creating websites that focused on such traits that would include his profile, thus indicating that he was all of these things and more.


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