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According to a new study published in the journal Emotion, small romantic gestures are not only good for your relationship, they’re good for your emotional well-being, too.

The researchers surveyed 175 married people about how often they did something nice for their partner and how often something nice was done for them.

Get ready to batten down your privacy hatches, if that’s something that sends a few chills down your spine too.

If you’re looking to improve your dating life in 2017 (and boost your own well being in the process), here’s something to try: small random acts of kindness.

Speakers gave tips for improving your dating profile, and your dating startup app. Which one of these in your group of friends is you? Your red, blue, yellow, or green shirt or top will pop more than all the white, grey, black clothing people typically wear everyday. Include: What are you interested in, your trips, hobbies, adventures, etc.

Even if you only learn to dance a little, the process of becoming a dancer can put you on a path to better dating.

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Tinder’s users could potentially be able to ask Siri to assist them in finding dates and help to find potential matches in areas nearby to users. Some of the creepiest parts of online dating are the fact that these weirdos you’re communicating with could potentially find you in the real world.Short Term: Tinder and Grindr help with short term dating, which can turn into long term relationships.Tinder helps men and women meet each other who are nearby, and shows you which Facebook friends you have in common for extra feeling of comfort. The news was announced at the Startup Grind Global Conference in California, where Tinder CEO and founder Sean Rad made a speech on the future of the popular dating app, specifically the fact that it could very well involve AI in the next five years.Even Tinder founder Sean Rad thinks the implications of using AI for Tinder are “a little scary.” But even still, it seems as though Rad and the company is looking forward into the future to look at and analyze what kind of ideas are viable for future dating as we look into the window of tomorrow.So here are five ways you can improve your dating chances, without actually dating. There’s no point worrying about what you don’t have, just make the best of what you’ve got.


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