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In a sight that would see anti-WAG Capello seeing red, the blonde sat in the front row of the Austria and Switzerland tournament two years ago, sharing a public kiss with Schweinsteiger for the cameras when Germany won a game.

Data on physical activity in older adults in Germany is scarce.

Read More The German Consulate General Kolkata signed a funding agreement with the NGO Jabala Action Research Organisation aimed at awareness building against Human Trafficking among the people in four districts of West Bengal.

With most of the English WAGS out of the way following Fabio Capello's strict decree over contact, it'll be up to their German counterparts to provide the glamour in the stands for Sunday's clash.

Multivariate logistic regression analyses were performed in order to assess the odds of participating in SA and DA for at least 2.5 hours/week in association with sociodemographic factors, a broad range of physical health-related factors and interview date (season of the year).

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However yesterday he did give his players permission to meet their wives and girlfriends following the team's victory over Slovenia on Wednesday.

Participation in these activities was reduced in more highly educated men and women.

Living alone increased the odds of sports participation in women, but not in men.

This vocational training institute will provide the disabled people a chance to undergo a professional training and hence giving them a chance to lead an independent and a better life. The trust also runs a vocational training institute where the young girls and boys get trained in various skills like electrical courses, basic computer education, sewing courses for women among others.

The financial aid has been extended under the small scale project scheme of the German Consulate General in Kolkata. The German Consulate General Kolkata has given the financial aid to the NGO under the small scale project scheme.


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