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Hinkle, a Justice of the Superior Court of Massachusetts, and Rodney Hinkle, a college dean and teacher.She attended Brown University and New York University (NYU). She also portrayed Judy Brooks on ABC's cancelled show Once and Again from 1999-2002.

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During his time at CCM, Harrison starred in university productions, such as Hello Again, Shopping and Fucking, and Children of Eden.

She has made several guest appearances on different shows such as Spin City, twice as different characters on Law & Order, Without a Trace", ER, "Two and a Half Men" and House.

She currently costars on the CBS hit show Two and a Half Men with formerly Charlie Sheen, Ashton Kutcher and Jon Cryer as Alan's neurotic ex-wife, Judith.

In 2013 Hinkle now left Two and a Half Men due to commitments.

Season 9 finale was her last appearance until season 10, episode 19, "Big Episode. She has had several small roles in films such as I'm Not Rappaport, Frequency, The Next Big Thing, I Am Sam and Dark Blue.


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