Sheree wilson dating

He is a proud American, he is a Texan, he is one of the most stand-up human beings, and an American, drugs out of America, he has his foundation for teaching inner-city kids, he's just a great guy!

In 2016 I, along with other distinguished entertainment executives formed Sandalphon Entertertainment, of which I am the president.

Exclusive interviews with the cast and production team of the hit tv series Dallas.

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It is the beginning of a career that in the next two years allowed to intervene in several films and television series, as Kane & Abel (1985), with Peter Strauss, Our Family Honor (1985) with Ray Liotta.

Please visit the Sandalphon Entertainment website ( to see our complete slate of film and television projects. I am happy to announce that Aaron Norris will be directing and I will be playing the role of Selene.

We are also going to produce Truthsayers with Rainmaker Films with Filmnation Entertainment handling our foreign distribution.

We are currently going out to directors, so stay tuned.

Sandalphon was founded on the belief that great stories not only entertain but also empower and inspire positive change.


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