Lineage 2 gameguard not updating

Delete the Game Guard folder and re-launch Lineage Let it re-download these files, and then launch the game.Official statement of the Lineage 2 community manager Lyzira: Modifications of this nature are not permitted and should something go wrong with your client or account as a result, we would be unable to assist you.Please be aware that we are already looking into the matter with Gameguard and Windows 7 and will update you when we have more information.Game Guard is INPROVED i not getting my error's in 64 bit OS No No not it crash out in the main program of Lineage 2 i sometimes wonder are they testing how much a human can take by makeing the game more and more buged and with their awsome sub class quests starting to reatch brake point Name: nprotect.lineage2Address: Name: nprotect.lineage2Address: Name: nprotect.lineage2Address: --- You can try to make entry in hosts file with just one out of it. I suppose if you wait allitle, problem will be solved for the other server as well.was playing fine tues night and a little on weds morning..after Maintenance BAM unable to play.Seems to be a totally inconsistent error, I've been able to login twice. How much are we gonna be paid to beta-test your game every Tuesday ?But still getting the Game Guard error and have to try multiple times to actually get past it. The update with Vista was something like "file cannot be created, continue ? Well I know its nothing wrong with my firewall or files because I have been playing for 3 years and have not changed anything.

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Maybe it's just too many people trying to update Game Guard at the same time, and causing time outs on their servers when trying to update. Then there going to have to explain to the non computer savey players how to remove it outa there computer. As much money as Nc is making off of us, they could afford a better program to protect us.

curious to see what will happen, nc soft finally figured out how to stop botting and the end of l2 tower or nc soft fails once again?

Either way if bots die the whole community will colapse all them "i play legit people" are total liars L2 Official Server Announcement Game Guard Update as of today i saw on system messages....

on Windows 7 you’ve probably been bummed out to find that you get that pesky “Game Guard” error that has been plaguing pretty much every game in Windows 7 that uses Game Guard.

What purpose Game Guard serves I have never bear witness to, it’s only given me problems, and this definitely is not the first time.


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