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When you go to her family's home DO find out about their favorite bottle of vino or scotch and bring it with you.Wrap it nicely--or ask a talented pal or sibling to do the honors.So what your partner's family thinks of you can really matter. Unsurprisingly, the older generation will tend to be more traditional too, so bear in mind what's acceptable to you – clothes, language, topics of conversation, manners – might not be to them.How then can you make a good impression while navigating an unfamiliar (or second) language and culture?Unexpectedly, over dinner, your current flame announces he’d like you to meet his parents. Your palms begin to sweat; your knees buckle; your heart starts racing. Then just as quickly as it came, your elation fades.

I suspect this was in part due to my following these five steps.Meeting your significant other’s parents is a big deal in Korea, and the popular idea is that marriage will eventually follow. .” article, here is a summary of my experience: • I dated two Korean women, one originally from Namhae, living in Gyeongido (2 years) and the other from Gwangju, living in Seoul (1.5 years).I’d like to point out that I am touching on my experiences meeting the parents of first-generation Korean women in Korea, not the first-generation parents of Korean-Canadians in Canada, which I would imagine is likely a rather different experience. • I met each girlfriend’s parents, grandparents, and extended family (aunts, uncles, and cousins) in each hometown. When speaking to your girlfriend’s parents, use Korean as much as possible.In case the obnoxious mall decorations haven't tipped you off, the holidays are right around the corner.And if things are going well with your woman, it may be time to meet her parents—maybe, if you’re really lucky, she’s DO discretely ask the maitre d' to slip you the bill at meal's end. After reading a number of posts on this very blog, I noticed one that is particularly popular, titled “5 Tips on Meeting Your Korean Boyfriend’s Parents,” by a friend of mine, Tina Hsu.


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