Women dating tests

These tests usually involve some kind of behavior or statement that push a guy’s buttons and test his response to see if he is confident enough and strong enough to handle it the right way without letting upset him or otherwise get to him.

For instance, a woman might say as early as a first date “You are mean” at a certain point in a conversation to see if you would bend, beg for forgiveness and would promise to never do whatever you did that brought about the her complaint, or whether you would just tease her about it and treat her like a crying baby, if appropriate.

Every first date ends with a woman asking herself just one question: Is there any chance that you might be boyfriend material?

The tests of a woman have the purpose of filtering the lame loser types of guys from the really interesting, authentic and real ones. It shows a woman that you have doubts about yourself and she just found the right buttons to release your insecure wussy.In order to see whether the glimpse and the real personality match, she tests him.These tests have the objective of helping a woman understand whether the picture a man is trying to sell is really the picture behind him.When you pass a woman’s test, you become automatically more attractive to her, not to mention the fact that women’s tests are fun if you are able to recognize them and know how to deal with them the right way.Thus, the next time a woman, who you just started seeing and who seems to like you, tells you that she is going out on a date with this guy she just met, don’t be one of those jealous, insecure guys who would freak out and would start interrogating her about who that guy is, why she is going out with him and whether she likes him more or less than you.Most female tricks rest on this fundamental principle.


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