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Last updated: March 2017 ISSUE We released KB3178690 on March 14.After installing KB3178690 in Excel 2010, calculation triggered either by code or a user interaction in the workbook may result in a hang or crash for some users.Last updated: May 19, 2017 ISSUE After installing the April 2017 updates for Office 2016, Office apps may crash.

The reports had one measure and a bunch of attributes and slicers.

A typical pivot report wouldn’t have thousands of rows, but these did.

At first, we pointed Excel to the cube and the report would take 20-30 seconds to refresh.

While I’m thinking about this stuff, I’d like to share a few simple tips for speeding up your Excel VBA code. So feel free to comment and share any other performance tips you may have.

Each time a cell that affects any formula in your spreadsheet is changed or manipulated, Excel recalculates the entire worksheet.


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