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Speaking of his status as Subway’s spokesperson, Rochelle told the show Jared Fogle used the high-profile gig to cruise schools, looking to manipulate children for sex.

When asked by Rochelle to describe his feelings going into schools over the phone, Jared says, “Yeah, especially the middle schools, I love the middle schools and that girls are starting to ****, you know?

On Thursday’s episode of the program, Herman-Walrond aired never-before-heard phone conversations with Jared Fogle, in which he described his shocking attraction to children of all ages and genders and detailed just how far he was willing to go to satisfy his sexual urges. You’re around kids a lot, I mean you must be able to experience different things.” Jared then requests again to see her children undressed.

Fogle described his fantasies during conversations that were recoded by Herman-Walrond as part of an FBI investigation, which eventually resulted in bringing down the former weight-loss guru and corporate spokesman on child sex and pornography charges. Phil” aired conversations between Jared Fogle and Rochelle, in which the pair discussed throwing a party which would be attended by children, including Rochelle’s own children, where the two would be the only adults present. Phil Mc Graw and his guest also played a number of disturbing and graphic conversations about child sex. Panting heavily, he says, “you have a boy and a girl?

But is it really OK now to record anyone talking in a bar — or the barbershop, bank or cafeteria —and release it?

Is it really OK for news outlets to do breathless stories about bad behavior simply because a video has been posted — without demanding to know who posted it?

It tells the story of a man who films women discussing their sexuality, and his impact on the relationships of a troubled married couple and the wife's younger sister.When pressed, Graham explains that he interviews women about their sexual experiences and fantasies, on videotape.Ann, overcome with shock and confusion, leaves his apartment.When John arrives home, Graham's demeanor becomes remarkably more guarded, due in large part to John's overt disapproval of Graham's bohemian persona.They also discuss the fact that Graham's college girlfriend, Elizabeth, is also living in Baton Rouge.You may have heard how a six-minute video of their conversation went viral.


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