Dating usmc us dog tags

The other difference is the elimination of the full name on the Marine dogtags, which was replaced with full last name on Line 1, and only the first and middle initials followed by the Blood Type on Line 2.

They were issued with a white cotton string but this was quickly dirtied, dyed, or replaced with a chunk of leather or a Boondocker lace. I've never seen rubber bordered tags from that era, but that doesn't mean a thing, they probably figured something out. My Grandfather died a couple of years ago and I found his dog tags today.

’, we will show you the correct text format used by the Marines.

Marine Corps dog tags are included as part of the uniform and are regularly inspected.

Stamped information : this is general format, "Dog Tag" format can differ from unit to unit, see picture bellow which shows very different forms of "Dog Tag" marking ( from 1941 to 1945 ) I had possibility to survey, "L. Your Type C's and D's were most common in WW2 and in the 20's-30's the Old Salts would have had their right (IIRC) thumbprint acid etched into the back of one of the tags.

DIAMONDS" dog tag is example of etched marking and the data are marked in USN manner ( see U. There's a relatively simple process you can use to emulate that today with repro tags...


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