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You’d prefer that your kids date and marry within the tribe.

But you’ve seen the statistics and know that a majority of Jews are choosing partners from outside the faith.

The United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism, the movement’s umbrella organization, turned 100 last year, but USY, the North American arm of its global youth movement (NOAM), was established in 1951.

The leadership standards, a set of behavior guidelines that grew organically alongside the youth group, are obligatory only for USY’s six international executive officers, the six officers from each of its 17 regions, and another 25 odd leaders on various executive committees.

This is not surprising since practical issues can seriously affect a couple, despite their feelings for each other.

Consider that, presumably, 99.99% of couples who get married are "in love." Yet Children look to parents as their bedrock of love, support, and care.

By the time Roy Schwartz and Kim Miller met each other, for example, they were both pretty jaded.

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It is not surprising that children of same-faith marriages are more likely to feel secure in their identities, and therefore exhibit higher self-esteem and confidence.

After Jewish media began publishing conference coverage with variations of the inflammatory JTA headline, “USY drops ban on interdating,” Facebook discussions lamented, “Another nail in the coffin of Conservative Judaism,” and “This year it’s a language shift, next year (or 5 years from now) that language disappears completely.” Others decried Conservative Judaism, with one saying, “United Synagogue has always moved policy and theology closer to its participants’ choices, rather than move participants closer to its policies and theology,” and another noting, “The movement is in the midst of a major identity crisis.” When a change of wording to a set of standards that affects a mere 100 teens is cause for a social media storm, all signs point to sensitive territory.

But what is the background to this troublesome amendment, and does it really herald the end of time for Conservative Judaism?

And like many other Jewish parents, you’re thinking about interdating and what to do if your child brings home someone from another background.

Your high school and college seniors are thinking about how to maintain romantic relationships after graduation.


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