Error updating the password file android samba

Please tell me what to do to get my android connect to PC and read/write file again. My Android are connect to internet through the same modem with PC. When I add a new server from ES File Explorer, it says "Error, Can not find the server" Update : I did turn-off the Windows firewall.

It's just this one Windows 7 machine that is the problem (but only for Android devices - other desktops on the LAN can access the shares no problem. Those who didn't set a user password for your PC: You will have errors connecting to server (to your PC) if you leave the password blank.Set up your account password in your PC then use that to connect. I recently changed the password of my Microsoft Account (which I used to log in to my PC) so I was trying to use my new password in ES [email protected]:/home/pi# useradd mag [email protected]:/home/pi# smbpasswd -a mag New SMB password: Retype new SMB password: Added user mag.# switch to user pi, and try to switch to mag [email protected]:/home/pi# su pi [email protected] ~ $ su mag Password: su: Authentication failure So, after installing this packages it works as expected.This works on Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 I have a laptop with non updated Windows 10 - sharing is no problem with passwords My computer updated to latest Windows 10 version is showing in ES File Explorer. Turned off pasword-protectd sharing This temporarily alllowed access to public folders but not access other folders that are displayed!!


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