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Much like the pager, messages delivered via a mobile phone are displayed in text form beside the graphical representation of the phone.

The mobile phone is also present in the Grand Theft Auto: London mission packs and functions identically to GTA 1's mobile phone, but is refashioned into a walkie-talkie as modern mobile phones were not available in the 1960s.

It moves inland to breed on small lakes and other suitable water bodies in the northern prairies, western parklands, and forests, north to near tree line.

Outside of migration, it is rarely seen in flight, spending most of its time swimming and diving.

The Red-necked Grebe is a nearly circumpolar inhabitant of northern waters.

In North America, it winters on northern Atlantic and Pacific coastlines.

Drugi česti uzroci hipertireoze su: multinodozna toksična struma, toksični adenom i tireoiditisi.

Glavna karakteristika multinodozne toksične strume su brojni čvorovi u štitnoj žlijezdi koji autonomno, bez kontrole TSH-a (hipofize), pojačano luče hormone štitnjače.


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