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From 1981 to 1985, Whitford went to the Juilliard School’s Drama Division, where he was a member of the “Group 14”.In 1985, Whitford debuted in an episode of “The Equalizer”, then in 1986 he appeared in the movie called “Doorman”.Cherry Jones (born November 21, 1956) is an American actress.A five-time Tony Award nominee for her work on Broadway, she won the Tony Award for Best Actress in a Play for the 1995 revival of The Heiress and for the 2005 original production of Doubt. President Allison Taylor on the Fox series 24, for which she won an Emmy.Founded the charity "Clothes off our Back" ( with his wife, Jane Kaczmarek, in 2002.Clothes off our Back run on-line auctions after major awards shows where celebrities' gowns and tuxedos, and other articles of clothing, are auctioned off.In addition to playing in popular TV series, Whitford has also appeared in numerous movies, which has improved his wealth too.Bradley Whitford is a son of George Van Norman Whitford and Genevieve Louie and grew up in Wisconsin, where he went to the Madison East High School, matriculating in 1977 before graduating with a BA in English and Theater from Wesleyan University in 1981.

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But two problems dog them when Sam (Rob Lowe) realizes that Bartlet never apologized for not disclosing his multiple sclerosis while C. (Allison Janney) makes a crucial gaffe during a press conference.Original Airdate 11-20-02 The President (Martin Sheen) ponders the immense political ramifications of honoring a secret request from the hardline Iranian Ayatollah to allow his son to be flown to the United States for life-saving surgery. (Allison Janney) duels with a reporter who's upset over his new press room seat assignment. A winter storm blankets the northeast as a staffer gets a surprising visit from his father and Bartlet (Martin Sheen) and Leo (John Spencer) start to hear the footsteps. is confronted with a kaleidoscope of emotions, she can't help but check in on Toby (Richard Schiff) who struggles to fill in for her during news briefings.Original Airdate 11-27-02 Sam (Rob Lowe) packs up to begin his California campaign and refers talented campaign manager Will (Joshua Malina) to Toby (Richard Schiff) who reviews Will's speechwriting skills. Original Airdate 01-15-03 In a special episode guest written by playwright Jon Robin Baitz, C. (Allison Janney) reluctantly returns to Dayton, Ohio, to speak at her 20th high school class reunion but her return home includes an impromptu encounter with a rich and handsome classmate (Matthew Modine) -- and a sobering understanding that her intellectual father is suddenly deteriorating from Alzheimer's Disease. Original Airdate 02-05-03 Rerun 08-06-03 A situation in a thoroughly unimportant country on the other side of the world has the President and his staff re-writing his Inauguration address on the eve of his swearing-in as tensions between the White House and the Pentagon mount and the staff is stunned by the betrayal of one of their own. Original Airdate 02-12-03 Rerun 08-13-03 Preparations for the Inauguration (and the parties that follow) continue as the White House scuttles the President's speech and moves closer and closer historic military action.Back in the present, Toby (Richard Schiff) ponders parenthood and Sam (Rob Lowe) makes a radical campaign suggestion.Original Airdate 11-06-02 Rerun 07-30-03 Election Day arrives as the President (Martin Sheen) and his staff begin counting exit poll votes across the country -- especially in a conservative California congressional district where the result has important implications for Sam (Rob Lowe) and its maverick campaign manager (Joshua Malina).Leo (John Spencer) quietly meets with a high-ranking Israeli official (Malachi Throne) to discuss mutual strategy in the wake of the Qumari assassination investigation.


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