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If Pastor Sunday had anything to hide he would not have taken the call with his wife present.” The elders—which include Adelaja’s wife Bose and three others—noted that Adelaja has already acknowledged that he “has had several sexual challenges and has by God’s grace being able to overcome them.” “Pastor Sunday has always shared with the world that he is in a position to help minister to the world only because he himself has had his own share of trials including sexual trials, problems and victories,” stated the elders.Then last month, Adelaja confessed to the affairs at a meeting of more than 200 pastors.“If you have listened to the audio recording which was fraudulently obtained, you will notice that Pastor Sunday never once admitted to any wrong doing as the caller was suggesting in his prophetic utterances,” stated the elders.“It was the prophet that was rather putting words into Pastor Sunday’s mouth.There’s a rack of linked sausages, drawn on the back of an envelope.In a collage, someone with the head of a fish is cozying up to a suspicious-looking woman in front of a church.Also included are two sites that were once National Historic Landmarks before having their designations removed.

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Sunday Adelaja, a Nigerian pastor who leads the charismatic Embassy of the Blessed Kingdom of God for All Nations in the Ukrainian capital of Kiev, has admitted to having affairs with parishioners.

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