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The years since haven't been as kind to Sorkin's TV projects, as had in spades was a collection of well-written, heart-infused characters.

These were the kind of people you wanted to know in your own life.

After learning she was on chemo, “we start digging into her case because we’re not sure if it was a suicide attempt,” P. “We realize that she didn’t actually have cancer, and she was being poisoned with chemotherapy, possibly by a physician. D., where we go on a manhunt for whoever was responsible for this.

It turns out, there may be more cases.” Question: Any scoop on Jake/Amy or on in general? Ausiello: The happy couple won’t be welcoming Baby Peralta anytime soon, if that’s what you’re wondering.

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She was the Street's principal gossip and revelled in spreading it around, particularly if it could cause trouble.

She also considered herself a skilled clairvoyant, and offered teacup readings for a fee.

Hilda was widowed when Stan died from a heart attack in 1984.

“They have a very long history, a friendship and sexual tension that has not been completely figured out yet,” the actress says.

“So you’ll get to witness that.” Ratings: Chicago Med Debut Ties NCIS as Tuesday’s Top Scripted Show Question: Any scoop on the three-way crossover with Chicago Fire, P. I’ll take anything you have on any of the shows individually, too!


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