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Talk City Game playing is a huge draw for people on-line. Talk City has combined the two in an extensive array at its Games Galore area.Paltalk is a video chat, instant messaging and Internet phone service that boasts 4 million global members and has been around since 1998 -- before the days of Google chat and Skype.Extempo Systems These days, if you fancy a chat you don't need to find a human being to do it with.The Web is increasingly being populated by intelligent agents('bots') or 'chat bots' - bots that will have a conversation with you.Now, the ultimate embarrassment has occurred for those sleuths at the NSA.

Perhaps the biggest advance with Pow Wow is that one can (with a microphone) chat live with your voice online.

Municipalities and other investors have filed lawsuits alleging that the rigging of this benchmark has cost them billions of dollars in losses.

A total of five large international banks have cumulatively paid over .5 billion to settle charges of rigging Libor and other related interest rate benchmarks.

Prosecutors have released a sampling of chats on the Bloomberg system to make their case that the interest-rate benchmarks were systematically rigged.

Many of the chats involved Tom Hayes, a trader who worked for Citigroup and later, UBS.


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