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In this version, Wai-Man is the bad guy and ultimately dies in the finale. A couple of years later, a source that was most likely Godfrey Ho decided to re-jig it, notably not for an overseas audience as he did with so many Korean productions, but for a local HK audience.

The reason I say Godfrey Ho is that, despite his name not being directly mentioned on the likes of either the Hong Kong or Korean Movie Database, the editing style has his name all over it, and although not a significant detail in the movie itself, the inclusion of gweilo actor Andy Chworowsky.

after special public prosecutor Jyoti Sawant sought the maximum punishment for him.

The court directed the District Legal Services Authorities to compensate the survivor.

There are moments when he appears bulkier than in his initial scenes, in which he cuts a slimmer figure, but again how much truth there is in this we’ll likely never know.

Whatever the case, (this is the title I watched it under, hence the review referring to this version), which somehow manages to be 90 minutes of pure entertainment from start to finish.

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