How long were kim and ray j dating advice for women and dating

' That was one of the biggest things that happened [to me]. "Back then, you don't get invited to anything with any kind of substance. I'm done.' Whatever my sister's invited to, they're going to put in a note saying, 'Don't bring Ray J!

"She was really into you, really in love with you," Francis said of the KUWTK star."Nah, but she was a player though," the I Hit It First singer insisted. A year after their split, a sex tape which they had made was released by Vivid Entertainment.

The couple has been starring alongside one another on Love and Hip Hop since 2014, and we’ve gotten to witness first hand some of the terrible struggles they’ve been though.

Ray J has had a hard time staying faithful, but he’s come back time and time again trying to be better, and they both stopped drinking to prepared for married life together.

12 they shared a pic of Princess rocking a white dress and beautiful crystal headband while Ray was stunning in a black tux. Just days before the celebration, revealed that the nuptials would be out of this world!

Ray J’s sister Brandy will be performing at the event, singing “At Last” for the couple’s first dance.


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