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There are probably more visual depictions of Franz Schubert than there are of any other composer in the early 19th century.

This wealth of iconographic sources demonstrates the popularity of Schubert and his friends as subjects for contemporary and later artists.

By an unlucky coincidence, as he approached a bridge, he was recognised by one of the German guards who had recaptured him five days earlier.

He was escorted to a commandeered Mantuan villa where German officers, impressed by his bravery, asked him to recount his adventures as an escapee and offered him food and wine before locking him in the bathroom.

After 1814, all the tokiwazu prints show the thick curved legs, and this tyle remained in evidence until our time. Glinki in Moscow has been receiving materials from Šaljapin’s archives that previously belonged to his daughter Irina Šaljapina, including several portraits of the singer.

In May, 2016, Franklin was convicted of 10 counts of first-degree murder last month for crimes dating back more than 30 years.

Vesuvius offering a comfortable hint of danger in the background.

To this, the early 20th century added Sicily and Capri, archetypal "sunny places for shady people" where the bronzed local ephebes, for a handful of lire, were compliant in more than just having a photograph taken.

As the era closes, the classic landscape has shifted to Tuscany, if not to the palace at the end of a cypress avenue obligingly vacated for the Blairs by some wine-making conte or marchese, then to the stone farmhouse under lichened pantiles, beside a swimming pool in an olive grove, with the towers of San Gimignano punctuating the distant heat haze.

Umbria, notwithstanding its slow recovery from the recent earthquake which wrought such havoc in towns such as Assisi, has now got in on the act.


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