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Unfortunately that’s the first round of many more through the long Memorial Day Weekend. A rather large, complex low pressure system will lumber through the region, allowing for rain chances Saturday through Tuesday. He was at the home so often working in the garage, and helping with yard work, that he became a trusted presence, according to the child’s mother.“He allowed them in his Jeep to play video games, and offered to take them to laser tag,” she recalls.“We thought he was the greatest landlord on the face of the earth,” the grandmother said.“This guy wore a cross of Jesus around his neck and let us think that he was friendly and cared about the family.”That perception changed on May 22, 2016, when the 11-year-old girl told her grandmother that Finch had been touching her.“He molested my granddaughter, he put his hands in her pants,” her grandmother told KARE 11.“He got her to touch him in places she never should have, and it’s, it’s, destroyed her emotionally!Please feel free to comment on posts, within certain ground rules.See our disclaimer, including ground rules, here: that supports small, independent and cooperative businesses, enhances human dignity and promotes the common good by providing people with meaningful work, economic security, fair compensation, decent working conditions and the right to organize at the work provides real community benefits and serves the present and future housing, educational, employment, recreational and cultural needs of our city while protecting what is best about our communities and improving our natural and built public assets.Leverage the Clean Energy Partnership to further implement our Climate Action Plan.

Signs of physical abuse include unexplained or unreasonable bruises, burns, cuts, abrasions and broken bones.

To protect the child’s identity, KARE 11 is not naming her family members.

They say Finch kept his hotrod in the garage connected to the home they rented.

- A little known legal loophole is allowing hundreds of child sexual predators in Minnesota to slide under the radar, leaving parents in the dark about the danger they may pose.

Records obtained by KARE 11 reveal that admitted child molesters, rapists, and people who’ve been caught with child pornography are not on Minnesota’s sex offender registry or the state’s public online courts database.


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