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It’s been said that Albert Bandura’s theory of social learning spans the gap between behaviourism and cognitivism.

Social learning theory incorporates the idea of behaviour reinforcement from the former, and cognitive processes such as attention, motivation and memory from the latter.

Last time, we examined the work of Chris Argyris on double-loop learning.

Today, we explore the work of Albert Bandura on social learning theory.

This is especially true for adolescents and teens who are going through a process of transformation from childhood into adulthood.

They are still discovering who they are, and through the confusion that often causes, want all the more to be accepted by their peers.

Your abdomen will be felt for signs of an enlarged spleen or liver.

A cross-sectional research design was used to examine the impact of Internet addiction.

If your doctor thinks you have leukemia, he or she will need to check samples of cells from your blood and bone marrow to be sure of the diagnosis.

Other tissue and cell samples may also be taken to help guide treatment.

Purpose: The purpose of this study is to explore and identify the impact of internet addictions of young adults in Malaysia.

There are six impacts identified, of which five are negative impacts and one is positive impact.


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