Chelsea handler who is dating

The millennial women in her office hugged her and begged her not to retreat. You’re our mouthpiece.’ That will motivate anybody, and it motivates me,” Handler says, lounging in the living room of her house in Bel-Air with her dogs, Chunk and Tammy. Her streaming talk show, “Chelsea,” has taken a hard stand against Trump, as Handler helped register 17,000 voters and lined up recent guests like California Sen. The comedian, who plans to lead the Women’s March at the Sundance Film Festival on Jan. We have more of an impact being on Netflix than I would have had on another network, because we have a huge international audience. I think the great thing that Netflix has afforded me is to be serious when it calls for it.

This story first appeared in the January 17, 2017 issue of Variety. 21, spoke with You just wrapped the first season of your show on Netflix. It’s nice to be able to let them know that just because this man is our president, this is not a representation of everybody in our country. I’m not going to be funny on the day after the election, when I was horrified and crying all night. I walked into my office that morning, and I thought, “There’s no way I’m going to be able to do this.” Were you surprised that you cried on air?

PHOTOS: Undercover lovers "It's been going on awhile," the source says of the comedienne and the rapper, both 35.

"It's more of a hookup thing -- whenever they are in the same town." VIDEO: Lindsay Lohan smacks Chelsea's booty 50 Cent's rep had no comment.

It’s a representation of less than half the people.

to introduce himself — to tell me he’s Donald Trump. And we have to make fun of him, just like you’d make fun of anybody who was president.

"If you don’t receive an engagement ring or whatever grand gesture you’re hoping for on this very commercialized holiday, be a grown-up and get over it," she says.Getting rid of your dissenters and consolidating power so that you can no longer be questioned is Dictator 101. Video: Paul Ryan Emailed To Complain — So, Seth Meyers Clapped Back With More Hard Facts!BTW, you may have noticed every news organization has had a political expert on since the news broke saying Trump has been trying to fire Comey for weeks and that he's going to replace him with a stooge who will shut down the investigation.No joke: Chelsea Handler and 50 Cent are dating, a source confirms to Us The unexpected pair were photographed looking romantic at a New Orleans bar on Sunday.We'd like to counter with: "DUH" (We're so good at punditry! CLICK HERE to view "Here Are All The Celebrities Who Have Tried Online Dating!


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